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The Advantage at Vipra Legal

The Advantage at Vipra Legal

The Firm is set up on the professional firm format. We believe that “a great product/deal is always an outcome of the efforts of a great team”. Hence, we give fair opportunity to talent and always strive for nurturing new talent.

Since its inception, Vipra Legal was driven with the view that when the Indian legal sector liberalizes, Indian firms would have to match global standards and competition, and it is therefore vital to run the firm as a professional organisation. The Firm believes in a multi-disciplinary approach and has in its amidst a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Chartered Accountant and a few Company Secretary(ies) in addition to each of them being attorneys.

According to our clients, what works in our favour is our ability of formulating efficient and cost effective strategies. We help our clients in avoiding litigation and work in the best interest of the clients through innovation and forward thinking.

For a firm our size, we are humbled by the fact that year on year, some of the best names in the country have chosen us, to act for the largest and complex transactions in respective areas in India. We thank our clients for entrusting us with such major responsibilities and we intend to continue to give our clients reasons to repose confidence in us.