International Business Consulting

Right from formulating entry strategies, to help identifying potential opportunities across various sectors and subsequent business development plans,Vipra Legal has been working as a one stop shop for all international clients looking to venture into emerging markets.

Urban Infrastructure

The Infrastructure & Project Finance team consists of lawyers focusing on all aspects of structuring, negotiating, documenting and implementing complex infrastructure and project finance transactions. Our Infrastructure team advises clients on various infrastructure projects relating to roads, bridges, airports, rail and ports. The team has drafted project documentation, conducted comprehensive due diligence exercises and prepared reports, reviewed project contracts and advised on loan and security documents for financial closure.

Telecommunication, Media, Technology

The Indian telecom network is the third largest in the world. We have significant expertise in IT and telecom laws and regulations. We represent clients before the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), the STPI, and the TRAI. We advise clients on the licenses and legal and regulatory issues relating to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). We also advise our clients on tax implications.
We, at Vipra Legal, have in-depth knowledge in all areas of broadcasting and media regulation. We advise our clients on issues ranging from pay-per-view contracts to digital copyright matters to the convergence of media and network technologies. We advise our clients on foreign investment in media sector and offer advice on media laws in India with regard to government regulations and policies relating to broadcasting. We also represent our clients on regulatory matters. We handle claims for copyright infringement, intellectual property disputes, contract disputes and unfair competition claims. Our lawyers have extensive experience in a variety of matters crucial to the industry, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, transfer and acquisition of intellectual property, including high technology, trade secrets, licensing, employment matters, false advertising and rights of publicity.


Indirect Tax - We at Vipra Legal, provide assistance and comprehensive advise on Indirect Taxes viz., Customs Duty, Sales Tax/value Added Tax, Entry Tax, Service Tax, and Octroi Duty etc. We advise our clients in matter of taxation law and add value to their business and transactions. Our tax attorneys have a great deal of experience in a varied range of tax issues, from complicated cross –border transaction to tax exemption qualification.

We represent our clients before Government Taxation Authorities, Appellate Authorities, High Courts, the Supreme Court of India and other Tribunals. We also represent our clients before the Director General of Foreign Trade, Department Of Revenue, Central Board of Excise and Customs and other appropriate authorities.

Our Law Firm’s Services Include -

• Assisting multinational clients on Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties (DTAA),tax holidays available to 100% Export Oriented UNITs, Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and Foreign Trade Zone(FTZ).
• Assisting clients in matters relating to tax aspects of commercial transactions, sales, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and reconstruction.
• Advising on offshore tax issues, Value Added Tax (VAT), Service Tax, Customs Procedure, Import and Export Levies, Valuation Planning, Classification, Warehousing, Duty Entitlement etc.
• Assisting clients in wide range of issues, relating to service tax on cross - border transactions.
• Assisting clients with documentation relating joint ventures, mergers, asset purchase agreements, shareholders agreements and documents relating to financing and employment.
• Advising on issues relating to entry tax, duty implication and CENVAT.
• Assisting foreign companies seeking to distribute their product in India to Ascertain customs, countervailing and other duties applicable on their products.
• Advising on Transfer Pricing.
• Advise clients Advance Tax Rulings in respect of a Transaction.
• Handling Litigation with regard to Excise, Customs, Service Tax, Sales Tax etc.

Direct Tax - Our firm’s direct tax practice includes, assisting companies in planning and optimizing their false obligations, while complying with relevant domestic and foreign regulations. We advise our client’s in the regulatory compliances and coming to terms with frequent changes in tax regulation. We provide opinion to construction companies and automobile companies on issues relating to direct taxes.

Retails & Franchising

The Retail Industry is the sector of economy which consists of individuals, stores, commercial complexes, agencies, companies, and organizations, etc., involved in the business of selling or merchandizing diverse finished products or goods to the end-user consumers directly and indirectly. Our services in this area includes, counselling on establishment of large retail enterprises, counselling on the potential risks, due diligence of retail projects, participating in commercial negotiations, drafting franchise, leasing and licensing agreements, retailer agreements, C&F Agent agreements, Public Relation Agency agreements, Consultancy agreements, branding and co-branding agreement, etc., obtaining bar codes, IEC (Import-Export codes), obtaining approvals under Food Security Act, Packaging of Commodities Rules, 1977, Food Adulteration Act, regulations for import and export of commodities, labelling and packaging of products etc., consumer protection, etc.

VIPRA LEGAL helps companies expand their businesses through franchising. We also draft franchise agreements and disclosure documents, we provide ongoing franchise compliance counselling. We provide legal advice on the specific terms and conditions to ensure the franchisor and/ or franchisee is aware which terms may be enforceable.

Regulatory & Policy

VIPRA LEGAL actively advises on the entire gamut of regulatory and legal approvals, and diverse issues arising in respect of infrastructure projects in India, including Government policies. Some of the critical components of our Regulatory practice include representing our clients in regulatory proceedings and consultations with diverse regulatory authorities on diverse matters including issues related to merger control, abuse of dominance and anti-competitive behaviour, tariff determination, licensing and adjudicatory proceedings. We represent clients before diverse regulators and judicial fora including the Electricity Regulatory Commissions, the Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB), the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA), the Tariff Authority for Major Ports (TAMP), the Competition Commission of India (and its predecessor the Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices Commission), the Competition Appellate Tribunal, the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL), the Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT), ADR mechanism, arbitral tribunals, the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

Real Estate

VIPRA LEGAL has a robust real estate practice driven by a dedicated team of professionals. The Real Estate team consists of lawyers focusing on all aspects of property and real estate laws including foreign direct investment in real estate. No matter whether one’s interest in real estate is as an investor, financier, owner, occupier or developer, one strives for the maximum return on their investments with minimum exposure to risk. Our team of lawyers are experienced enough to carve out legal advice to property developers, property owners and government undertakings including new town development authorities on complicated and diverse issues relating to real estate transactions. The services in this area of practice includes projects such as Information Technology Parks, Integrated Townships, Commercial Complexes/ Centres, Hotels, Resorts, Multiplex Entertainment Centres, Golf Courses, Industrial estates and sheds, Special Economic Zones, Warehousing and Logistics. We represent our clients in disputes relating to and/or arising out of-

• Purchase or sale contracts including acquisition, specific performance and other frauds.
• Mortgage on secured loans including foreclosure, receivership, guaranty enforcement and disbursement issues, as well as lender liability and bad faith claims.
• Loan participations and other co-ownership arrangements, including inter-creditor agreement and agent disputes.
• Public financing of, and public-private partnerships relating to, infrastructure, low-income housing, and other governmentally supported projects.
• Management and operating agreements, including resort, hotel and shopping centre operator issues,as well as common area maintenance and other reconciliation issues.
• Ownership and Title matters.
• Commercial leases, including eviction and forcible eviction actions.
• Major construction disputes, including subsidence, excavation, general contractor and subcontractor disputes.
• Labour and employment matters.

We also assist our clients in interpretation of leases, covenant enforcement, tenant renewals, rent review, notices, easement and covenant disputes, service charge disputes, boundary disputes.

Pharma & Healthcare

As one of the fastest growing sectors in India, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry is witnessing exponential growth. A key component of such growth is India's ability to provide lower cost research and development to multinational companies. India's rich talent pool of nearly 13.5 million science graduates, provides an ideal platform for global pharmaceutical companies to outsource drug development processes. Manufacturing costs that are substantially lower than those in the West, in addition to labour costs that are one-seventh of that in the United States, besides the well supported protections under the Patent Legislation, makes India an attractive destination for global multinational drug makers to outsource their business activities to India.

Vipra Legal advises Indian and International companies on the legal, Intellectual Property, Regulatory, Corporate laws and Tax. The Pharma and Healthcare practice group includes two attorneys with over 10 years of law practice, which includes Pharma as well as Healthcare stream of medical field. The ability of Vipra’s Pharma and Healthcare team to understand the scientific technicalities those are ingrained in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is unparalleled. Our firm's multidisciplinary philosophy, whereby each attorney is well-versed on each of the firm's practice groups creates a cutting edge advantage that provides comprehensive services to our clients.


Vipra Legal has a team of experts to assist overseas corporations in structuring their projects. We act for many leading financial institutions and regularly draft and review loan agreements, escrow agreements, guarantees, mortgage and hypothecation deeds, and other similar documents. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries including energy, ports construction, real estate, transportation, water treatment and other infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.


Mining sector plays a crucial role in the industrial development of the country. FDI up to 100% is permissible through automatic route for coal and lignite mines. In the mining sector we provide strategic advice to private and public sector companies in India and to foreign companies on different ventures. We advise on the exploitation, development, investment, acquisition, and financing of energy and mining related projects, and relevant business arrangements and compliance. Our lawyers have in depth knowledge of mining laws such as - The Mines Act, 1952; The Mines Rules, 1955; Mines Rescue Rules, 1985; Coal Mines Regulations, 1957; The Oil Mines Regulations, 1984; The Mineral Concession Rules, 1960, etc. Our team has good knowledge of the practice and procedure of the Mining Tribunal. We have been briefing the leading counsels in the country before the Mining Tribunal and in respective appeals. The Writ Jurisdiction of the Hon’ble High Courts and the Hon’ble Apex Court is seen to become an inevitable remedy in practice.

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) and Private Equity

VIPRA LEGAL has wide-ranging experience, representing clients involved in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other strategic alliances. Irrespective of the size of the deal, we ensure that our clients benefit from our experience and handling. We advise on structuring mergers and acquisition including structuring issues, drafting transactional documents, etc. We also advise on Corporate and Security Law issues related to SEBI Takeover Code, listing and assist clients in compliance with regulatory requirements, government approvals, statutory filings etc. We advise companies on methods of restructuring including joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, demerger / spin-off a division into a separate company, buy-back of shares, leveraged buyouts, slump sale, reduction in share capital, winding-up and repatriation of the proceeds. We also advise on tax benefits available to companies after restructuring. We conduct due diligence for companies before going for mergers and acquisitions including intellectual property due diligence. We draft Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreement, escrow agreement, stock swap agreement etc. We also draft scheme of arrangements for companies to be placed before High Courts.

Labour & Employment

VIPRA LEGAL provides services in all laws and regulations related to Labour & Employment including Labour Law Compliances, and Audit of Labour Laws. Our practice in Labour & Employment assists the management in understanding and incorporating industrial relations policies and employment practices, complying with health and safety legislation as well as licensing and regulation of the sector.

We also represent the management before Tribunals, Commissions, other Quasi-Judicial and Judicial bodies in matters connected with Labour & Employment disputes.

Knowledge Based Industries (IT/ITES/LIFE SCIENCES)

VIPRA LEGAL offers specialist advice on all aspects of Information Technology; IT enabled services and outsourcing work. The area of work in this sector includes contracts for providing all kinds of outsourcing services, from call centre’s to Application Service Provider (ASP) services; conducting legal & Intellectual Property Due Diligence audits; drafting contracts for professional services; Intellectual Property Rights protection, software copyright & licensing databases, trade marks & domain names; electronic commerce & electronic data interchange (EDI); software development and distribution; internet legal issues for users, owners and service providers; regulatory issues related to foreign investment; royalty payments & repatriations; foreign direct investment, acquisitions and divestments, private placements and Initial Public Offerings.

Intellectual Property

We at Vipra Legal realize that Intellectual Property Rights are important in today’s technology driven age. Our law firm specializes in the Intellectual Property (IP) laws in India. Our law firm provides a variety of Intellectual Property services in the fields of -

• Trademark
• Patent
• Copyright
• Design
• Trade Secrets
• Geographical Indication
• Data Protection
• Licensing, Assignment and Franchising

Under this head we assist in registration, assignment/license and protection of trade mark, copyright, designs, etc.; prosecution and defence in infringement matters (both domestic infringements as also the infringement of the trans - border reputations) and misuse of information, etc. We represent clients in matters of litigation right from the trial through the levels of appeal. Our law firm conducts IP due diligence and IP audits for companies going for acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures, besides assisting in the conduct of raids (as per the requirement of the client) in association with our team of specialised and professional experts (whether under Information and technology and/or otherwise).

Insurance & Reinsurance

VIPRA LEGAL insurance practice focuses on general insurance and insurance regulatory advice. Our firm understands the concerns of both insurers and insured. Having the requisite industry knowledge, we are well placed to provide legal services for both insurance carriers and corporate customers as regards risk management and general insurance advice. Our corporate and insurance practice provides high quality specialist advice to strategic decision makers. We advise on all matters of insurance and reinsurance. We also represent insurance companies at the trial and appellate stages in Tribunals and other forums.


Infrastructure in any country plays a vital role for the economy’s growth and development. India’s economy is getting bigger by the day. Liberalisation of government regulations and a deliberate strategy on the part of the Indian Government to promote infrastructure spells an opportunity for Infrastructure Companies.

The Infrastructure Practice areas and services of Vipra Legal are wide-ranging, including but not limited to - Ports; Airports; National Highways; Bridges; Flyovers; Dams; Power; Railways; Commercial and Industrial projects; Housing and Residential projects; Oil and Gas; Mining and Tunnel; Engineering and Telecommunication; Catering and Hospitality; Real Estate; Academic and Educational buildings; Media and Entertainment; Logistics, and so on.

The scope of work include drafting, review, structuring and advising on diverse contracts, including EPC, O&M, Financing Contracts, bidding documents and other related transactional documents. We provide the following infrastructure legal services for all these sectors, in India and abroad:

• Identification of feasible Infrastructure Projects (for both Private and Public sectors) and Risk Analysis.
• Strategizing the construction and development of infrastructure projects.
• Expert legal counsel on Project Financing.
• Negotiating and drafting all necessary contracts, agreements, bids, and other legal documents for
    initiation and execution of proposed infrastructure projects.
• Scrutinizing and advising on all contractual, financial, and security documents.
• Dispute resolution arising out of infrastructure project.
• Comprehensive Due Diligence services wherever requisite.
• Public Advisory role service.
• And, many other elegant legal services concerned with infrastructure and real estate property.

Immigration Laws

VIPRA LEGAL provides a wide range of immigration service’s starting from immigration consulting services. We work closely with immigration officials of various countries in accordance with the law and provide the best assistance to our clients in resolving their immigration issues in tandem with the law.

Our law firm provides assistance to our clients in filing applications, petitions for registration for the status of a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI). We assist with registration with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) for issuance of residential permit and registration certificate.

Hospitality & Leisure

The Hospitality sector is a unique one; to serve it, we not only require legal acumen but also need an in-depth understanding of the actual business operations.

The Hospitality sector has two main facets, being the construction and development of the actual hotel and the management and operation of the hotel. The firm has represented hotel owners as well as operators in relation to legal and regulatory issues for various projects.

We specialize in advising on the structuring of the deal, including fee and cash flow organization permissible under relevant exchange control regulations. We draft / review different types of agreements, including MOU’s, Term sheets, Franchise / License Agreements, Trademark Assignment / License Agreements, Management Agreements, Service Agreements, Marketing Agreements, Consultancy Agreements and Advisory Agreements. We also advise on acquisitions and divestments, private placement of equity and Initial public offerings etc. We also offer a myriad of other related legal advisory services in this sector.


VIPRA LEGAL provides advise on environment laws, rules and regulations, governmental incentives available to further the environmental interests, including tax credit, grant and land use provisions. We also advise our clients on regulatory compliances related to environment protection laws. The firm has assisted companies in developing policies, procedure and systems, obtaining No Objection Certificates (NOC’s) from Pollution Control Boards (both central and state) under Air and Water Pollution Acts, minimizing the risk of damages to their corporate reputation, by helping them establish a name for responsible environmental stewardship. We have also advised clients on environmental market transactions (carbon trading).

Energy (POWER, OIL & GAS)

VIPRA LEGAL advises clients in building operating & maintenance of power projects and securing production and distribution business. We understand and are aware of the risks and opportunities arising at every stage from conception to drawdown and from production to consumption. We deal in negotiating and drafting the project documents, including Concession Agreements, EPC Contracts, O&M Contracts and financing and security documentation, Power Purchase Agreements, Fuel Supply Agreements, Land Agreements, Construction Agreements, Production Contracts, Implementation Agreement, and BOOT projects. . Our Attorneys represent the clients in connection with the structuring, financing, building, acquisition or sale of energy and infrastructure projects.

We draft various transactional documents including but not limited to – the Shareholders Agreement and other Risk Management Documents, besides advising Corporations on the financial and energy regulatory and litigation aspects of their business whether in prasaenti and/or in future.

In the electricity sector, we act for state owned, public and privatized power generation, transmission and distribution companies. We advise our clients on issues relating to renewable energy including solar energy and wind energy.

We advise our clients on tax, loan, insurance and guarantee, counter-guarantee documents, joint venture, joint operation and maintenance agreements, opportunity exploration memorandum of understanding and related agreements. We also advise on regulatory and environmental compliance related to power and energy projects.


VIPRA LEGAL has a robust education laws practice and has considerable experience in providing advice in relation to the entire range of educational institutions from preschools to higher education. The Education practice group is familiar with various legal, regulatory and tax aspects of the education sector in India, which is characterized by multiplicity of laws and regulators, thereby requiring careful navigation of the regulatory space.

Disputes Resolution (litigation & arbitration)

The need for a pro – active and efficient legal support whether pre – transactional, post transaction and/or post a dispute is inevitable & well sustained at VIPRA LEGAL, keeping in mind that the launch of any action through Arbitration and/or through a Court of Law, in today’s market is seen to be a direct result of financial Strategies, including but not limited to – the status of the economy, the financial status of the Corporate, the Companies Policies and/or Immediate and/or long term business gain(s) (either in money and/or in monopoly).

VIPRA LEGAL has vast experience of handling all kinds of Civil, Criminal & Corporate Litigations. The Litigation & Arbitration team at VIPRA LEGAL, comprises of Advocates and supported by other competent paralegal staffs, who represent our clients before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, District Courts, Consumer Foras, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Competition Appellate Tribunal, Company Law Board, Electricity Appellate Tribunal, Mining Tribunal, Green Tribunal, Telecom Disputes Settlement Appellate Tribunal etc.

We at Vipra Legal have prepared and equipped ourselves to deal with complex matters of corporate crimes and/or proceedings, which may have a Civil Origin. Disputes arising out of Commercial transactions on most occasions constrain a client to seek various remedies both under the Civil Procedure and rights vested under the Arbitration Act, besides the initiation of Criminal Action. Here, it becomes imperative that all the proceedings being inter related and running simultaneously are effectively dealt with. The benefit at Vipra Legal is that we have been privileged to design our firm to suit such corporate need and situations with the Company’s business strategy and requirement, in consonance with the law.


The team in Vipra Legal has invincible expertise. We not only provide various services pertaining to Arbitration but at the same time make constant efforts and ensure that the object of Arbitration does not get frustrated due to delay, cost and various other factors. We are pleased to have Mr. Hiroo Advani, an eminent lawyer on our panel of off counsels. Mr. Advani has represented clients in various high profile Arbitrations across the globe. He is also in the Panel of Arbitrators with Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC).

We provide all services pertaining to Arbitration, inter alia including:

• Conducting domestic as well as International Commercial Arbitration proceedings (ad hoc & institutional) under the Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996 and various set of rules such as UNICTRAL and ICC Rules, LCIA, SIAC, ICA, Delhi High Court Arbitration Rules, ICADR etc.
• We lead our clients from the starting point of drafting and vetting of agreements under a transaction/multi-transaction (with a view to avoiding foreseeable disputes under a transaction and/or securing the rights and interests of our client(s) vide the diligent drafting of such clauses under an agreement)to the invocation of the Arbitration Clause (in case of a dispute), besides striving for Interim Orders in the Hon’ble Courts (in case a need arises for the same under the given facts and circumstances) and/or defending our clients against such Interim Petition(s); to leading them through the whole process of Arbitration until its finality i.e. whether at the arbitration stage itself or till the final Appeal before the Hon’ble Apex Court or in between until the final appellate stage.
• During the whole process of Arbitration, since its inception in the Agreement, we have demonstrated to be pro – active and conscious of the use of interim remedies under the statute, in case a need arises.
• Advising clients on the appropriate venue of arbitration and choice of procedural and substantive law.
• Appointment of Arbitrator through various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.
• Enforcement and challenging enforcement of Arbitral awards.



The firm has good practice both on the Original Side as also at the Appellate Stages besides our expertise under the Writ Jurisdiction.

Suits, Appeals, Review, Revision, proceedings under the Arbitration Act, etc. are professionally handled relating to various matters, including but not limited to - matters under the Intellectual Property Acts, matters related to Contracts and Tenders, Winding up Issues, Bankruptcy Proceedings, Shareholders’ disputes, M & A Proceedings, Proceedings under the Medical Council of India Act, etc.


The firm has extensive experience in handling array of issues arising under criminal law more particularly white collar and Corporate crimes pertaining to the various statutes, such as Crime against women, matters under the, NI Act, FERA, FEMA, MCOCA, The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, The Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act, The Prevention of Corruption Act, etc.

We regularly appear before various courts and represent the interest of our clients in various criminal proceedings at all levels, whether at the trial level and/or through Appeals and Revisions, etc. Writ Proceedings (Criminal), matters of bail - whether at the Anticipatory and/or Interim Stage and/or matters of Regular Bails; Suspension of Sentence, Matters of Parole being ancillary to the abovesaid proceedings are in practice promptly, professionally and effectively dealt with by our team of lawyers.

We also render our expert advice to Corporate Houses and also leading Corporate personalities in mitigation of Corporate Crimes like: Antitrust violations; Computer and Internet Fraud; Healthcare Fraud; Phone & Telemarketing Fraud; Banking Frauds; Insider Trading; Evasion of Corporate taxes; Violations under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act; Work place Crimes; Data Theft; etc.


The Indian Defence industry is witnessing unprecedented growth with great potential for foreign investors who are confronted by new challenges in their domestic markets to set up overseas. We assist our clients in (i) Complex Foreign Direct Investment, (ii) Industrial licensing, and (iii) Government procurement issues.

Corporate & Commercial

We provide our clients assistance in drafting and vetting an array of agreements and commercial contracts. We have significant experience in drafting, vetting and negotiating sector-specific Agreements and ‘standard procedure’ documents for diverse industries.

We draft agreements such as Joint Venture Agreement, Shareholder Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Subcontracting, Outsourcing Agreement, Business Transfer Agreement, Equipment Purchase And leasing Agreement, System Installation Agreement and Termination Agreement, Power Purchase Agreement, Master Service Agreement. We also draft agreement for real estate and construction companies such as Concessionaire Contract, EPC Contracts, licensing Agreements, Consignment Agreements, Design and Construction Agreement, Annual Maintenance Agreement etc.

We expertise in drafting of Employment related Contracts and Confidentiality and Non – disclosure Agreements for Companies. We do transactional agreements such as agreement to sell, sale deeds, lease deeds, Mortgage Deeds, rent agreement etc.

For our clients in the IT Sector, we draft software licensing agreements, software maintenance contracts, Mass market Licenses, Assignment agreements for trademarks, patents etc.

Consumer Protection

The Consumer protection Act, 1986 is a mile stone in the history of socio economic legislation in India. In daily life every one purchases goods and utilize goods they require. There have been cases of defect in goods, cheating and deficiency in services in all the Sectors, including but not limited to –

• Real estate
• Urban infrastructure
• Construction & Engineering
• Mining
• Hospitality & Leisure
• Telecommunications, Media, Technology
• Energy (power, oil & gas)
• Asset management & Financial institutions
• Insurance & Reinsurance
• Education
• Retail & Franchising
• Automotive
• Defence
• Knowledge based industries (IT / ITES / Life Sciences)

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 well supported by the Competition Act, provides the due protection to consumers in addition to the restrains on unfair trade practices. In recent times however, the exploitation of these protections have been witnessed as a serious phenomenon.

We at Vipra Legal are conscious and experienced of both the redressals/remedies as also the exploitations and misuse of these welfare legislations. We take pride in our talent pool at Vipra Legal, which pro – actively provides for efficient services, including but not limited to Advising/Opining, drafting of Notices, filing Complaints, etc., before all the forums comprising of the District Forums, State Commissions and the National Commission, The Competition Commission, etc.

Construction & Engineering

We at Vipra Legal represent builders and construction businesses. Our clients include construction companies, both residential and commercial, design professionals, contractors and sub - contractors. We negotiate contracts, conduct surveys and due diligence, prepare construction agreements; procure permits and licenses from local authorities and government undertakings. We advise our clients on site acquisition and development, contract negotiation, project bidding (public and private), project management issues, insurance contracting, regulatory and code compliance, project documentation, drafting employment and labour agreements and construction related litigation.

Banking, Finance & Capital Market

VIPRA LEGAL advises and acts for corporations and financial institutions on a wide range of banking issues including syndicated loans, structured finance, asset finance and project finance. Our Firm advises its clients on provisions under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and notifications issued by the RBI. Our Firm also advises clients on structuring of foreign investments in the banking sector in India including foreign exchange regulations under FEMA. Services rendered by our Firm in the financial sector include acquisition finance, project finance, legal opinions, drafting escrow, consortium, mortgage, pledge and lien agreements and loan agreements, credit & security documentation. In the area of corporate finance, our work covers right issues, private placements, corporate restructuring, schemes of arrangement and advise on security regulations. The firm advises clients in connection with various traditional lending transactions and derivative financial instruments.


VIPRA LEGAL is substantially experienced in rendering legal services in aviation sector. We have a seasoned team of experts who assist clients in drafting, interpreting and negotiating aircraft leases and in acquisition, registration, sale & freight forwarding contracts, financing and mortgage, pooling agreements, maintenance, drafting and interpretation of airway bill, litigation relating to cargo bills.

Our firm has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of all aspects of aircraft leasing and financing, including operating leases, export credit financings, commercial debt financing and tax based transactions. Our experience includes securitisation of lease receivables, capital markets financing structures, lease and loan portfolio transfers and risk transfer programmes. We have advised with regard to airline insolvencies, repossessions and restructurings.


The automotive industry in India is one of the largest industries in the world which is expanding rapidly. Several Indian automobile manufacturers have also spread their operations globally, asking for more investments in the Indian automobile sector. We are a law firm having great deal of experience in rendering legal services on various aspects of automobile industry. We advise automobile companies on various issues including regulatory compliances, FDI, industrial licensing, taxes, regulations related to industry and labour, Government and institutional approvals, etc.

Asset Management & Financial Institutions

VIPRA LEGAL is well situated to represent, lenders and borrowers in connection with commercial lending transactions, commercial credit facilities, asset based lending contracts, loans in connection with construction and engineering contracts. Our services cover corporate banking including corporate lending, acquisition finance, joint ventures finance, property finance, project finance including asset finance. Our firm offers a full range of legal services to both bankers and their customers. Our advice and opinion(s) extends to all types of lending and security transactions from the simple to the very complex. We advise and act for corporations and financial institutions on a wide range of banking issues including syndicated loans, structured finance, asset finance and project finance. The Firm also undertakes drafting of fund & investment management documentation, filing registration applications with regulators, and obtaining registrations. Post establishment, we advise on the structuring of and investment by the funds into portfolio companies.

Due Diligence

We assist our clients in conducting due diligence prior to making business decisions and provide business owners and managers with reliable and complete background information on proposed business deals so that they can make informed decisions about whether to go forward with the business action. Our expertise lies in making sure that there are no hidden drawbacks or traps associated with the business action under consideration as an efficient due diligence process can save companies from making costly mistakes that may have profound consequences for the firm's other operational areas and/or its corporate reputation. Our due diligence process covers; transactions involving sale and purchase of products or services and transactions involving mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures, and partnerships of corporate entities, encompassing legal, financial and tax due diligence. Our due diligence reports are exhaustive, integrated and accurate. We have conducted due diligence for various Corporate and multinational companies.

Corporate Compliance & Risk Management

All the companies doing business in India are required to comply with the laws and regulations of India. As a premier compliance law firm of India, we are able to identify the required level of compliance of an organisation, mitigate the compliance risk and enable the management to take steps to make the organisation compliant with laws and regulations of India and structure the Corporate Entity in tune with International Standards. The need for skilled Compliance has increased because of Complex legal environment (multiple laws, wider coverage), stricter government implementation resulting in possible criminal persecution, hefty penalties for non compliance, active Civil Society, NGOs and Activists monitoring action of corporates, pressure from international trading partners on compliance especially for labour laws, mandatory Compliance statement to be signed by directors and to be submitted by the companies listed on Stock exchange every year, corporate governance and social responsibility has also lead to increase in expectation of compliances. We have a dedicated team for timely completion of any task. Risk Management is our main focus and we follow the Hybrid Delivery model and have the ability to take on large and complex projects due to delivery capabilities. We are virtuous in Basel II/III Advisory, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, ICAAP Corporate Risks, Enterprise Risk Assessment, Risk based Internal Audit, IT Risk Advisory, IS Audit, IT Service Management , IT Assurance, IT Governance Operational Risk, Process reviews, Policy/ Process Review, Process Improvement, Compliance Risk, Insurance Risk Governance, Corporate Governance, Fraud Risk, Business/Strategic Risk, Reputation Risk, Contractual Risk and have Virtual Risk Managers, Full Time Risk Professionals.

Corporate/ Debt Restructuring

Our firm assist the companies facing financial difficulties due to internal or external factors and help them in restructuring their debts and to revive or to exit out of Non Performing Assets. We also aim to protect the interest of the stakeholder, investors, and other parties who are acting as lenders to such enterprises. Our effective premise is our technical strength in understanding the customer requirements adequately and delivering to their needs and satisfaction.
With the introduction of the insolvency and the bankruptcy code 2016 and change in CDR Scheme given in the latest RBI directions, the NPA’s have increased in enormous numbers and hence the need of prowess debt restructuring advisories.
We offer wide range of services that are customised to the individual situation to help evaluate opportunities and formulate the most effective restructuring plan (Corporate, working capital management and capital markets), improve transactions and achieve their strategic goals. Our proficient team includes a team of highly qualified finance and accounting professionals, forensic experts and industry professionals.