International Business Consulting

International Business Consulting

Investment – FDI/ ODI

We provide strategic advice on various aspects of foreign direct investment and overseas direct investment. Besides, we engage in assisting the setting up of the Operations of Foreign Investors/Corporate in India, helping them through the various processes of land acquisition, statutory and other compliances, drafting of transactional and legal document(s), etc. We also engage in matters of Infrastructure & Project Financing including debt financing, equity financing and mezzanine financing, securing institutional funds and such other financial services.

Structuring and completing acquisitions and divestitures across multiple jurisdictions

Assist in entering into joint ventures and alliances in terms of the corporate policies, business plans and strategies, etc of the International Clients. We facilitate for such ventures to attain optimum accomplishments.

Regulatory & Policy

Our Regulatory & Policy Practice is based upon in depth knowledge of the relevant industry domains and strength in grappling with complex legal issues involving interaction of law with Public Policy, Economics, Technology, Finance and Project Management. Our team is closely working with governments, regulators, development financial institutions, think tanks and industry bodies. Some of the critical components of our Regulatory practice include representing our clients in regulatory proceedings before and consultations with diverse regulatory authorities on diverse matters including issues related to merger control, abuse of dominance and anti-competitive behaviour, tariff determination, licensing, non-discriminatory open access in network infrastructure, market design, performance regulation and adjudicatory proceedings.

Labour Law Compliance

We undertake labour law audit, due diligence and such related issues. We understand complex issues under various enactments and represent our clients before various courts and tribunals.

Obtaining Licenses & Clearance

Vipra Legal is awake to the corporate/industrial requirements of Licences, etc, for establishments, export/import & related regulatory compliances.

Litigation &Arbitration - International Commercial Arbitration

In the wake of Foreign Investments in India and keeping in mind the encouragements and incentives offered to Foreign Investments, one can surely expect India to become a preferred destination for International Commercial Arbitration. Thus, the broadening of the Indian Commercial horizon and/or landscape will proportionally impact the Indian preference over the other UNCITRAL destinations. We have been privileged to assist and organise the conduct of International Commercial Arbitration for some of the big names Internationally and are up and equipped with the professional challenges in the Industry in the wake of - the need for an Organised, efficient and speedy International Arbitral Process.

International Taxation

The sphere of international taxation law is wide in scope and has exhibited varying trends in the recent past which was well elucidated in the Vodafone matter. It thus becomes vital to keep a proficient check on various tax related regulations & issues.

Intellectual Property Rights

We advice on all aspects of Intellectual property including Trademarks, Copyrights, etc. and take up both prosecution and litigation related to IPR, besides our effective association with professionals/IT experts, who specialise in conducting raids as a part of the prosecution process.

Cross-Border Transactions

Transactional lawyers in our firm have the knowledge and understanding of laws, governmental agencies and necessary transaction documents to effectively manage the complexities of a multi-jurisdictional deal. Internationally experienced, locally connected and familiar with the latest global trends and market developments, Vipra Legal network can provide clients the best possible advice and support, whenever and wherever they do business, around the world.

Advice on Securing Production, Business Distribution, Risk & Opportunities Management.

Besides our active practice in matters of law, whether at the Arbitration level and/or before the Courts of Law, Vipra Legal strives to reach out to, participate with and assist International Clients in matters of business strategies, so as to ensure that the same are in sync with the legal requirements. The same ensures that the Clients so serviced are not burdened with unreasonable delay in their business enterprises on account of legal impediments.

Negotiating & Drafting project documents

Having excellent knowledge of Indian laws, we successfully lead our clients into negotiations and draft general and sector specific contracts and such related documents.

Land Acquisition & Due Diligence

Land acquisition has seen a steep rise in dispute and litigation worldwide, and India does not remain untouched. In recent times land issues have faced severe mass criticism and have been affected by nationwide movements. A thorough check by due diligence and a strategic and fair acumen is the need of the hour. We excel in providing services in these areas.

Insurance & Reinsurance

Our team has represented a comprehensive range of clients, including primary carriers, reinsurers and companies seeking legal support in contentious and non-contentious matters. We have the reach, connections and capabilities to deliver high-quality, high-value representation worldwide.

Liaison Services

We operate and act as Liaison office in India for various multi- jurisdictional corporations across various industrial sectors. Our local tie ups and associations in almost every corner of the country make Vipra Legal a one stop shop for all kinds of legal services.


Vipra Legal is a new generation law firm servicing International Corporate as also Individuals on issues of Immigrations in sync with the respective policies of the respective Governments on Immigration. The commercial purposes of the Clients are duly serviced in accordance with law but with a blend of hospitality and professionalism.

In the wake of Corporate Partnerships and Associations and the Capital market situation (debt and equity), etc. and the mandate of compliance(s) with the laws in multi - jurisdiction, etc., Vipra Legal as a team assures of transparency in service, to achieve a long term professional relationship based on trust and efficiency in service.